Education & Outreach

The Toronto Chamber Choir is committed to enhancing the appreciation of early music by our audiences, while always mindful that our audiences must be entertained as well as enlightened!

Whether at the pre-concert talk for our evening performances, or during the lecture and music combination of our afternoon  Kaffeemusiks, our aim is to give our audiences interesting insights and a deeper understanding of what lies behind the music we perform. Detailed program notes further illuminate the history and technique behind the works.

To extend our love of performing early music to the next generation, the choir has an active education and mentoring program with Rosedale Heights School of the Arts. Students audition to participate in the choir for one or more seasons, giving them performance opportunities and enhancing their musical education.

In addition, the choir gives back to the community through programs such as Christmas concert food drives, busking for charity, and our beloved tradition of singing carols for patients at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute at Christmas time.

To increase the accessibility of our concerts, discount ticket prices for groups of ten or more are available for teachers and students. Call (416) 763 1695 to arrange for tickets for your group to attend one of our concerts. We also have Under 30 prices for subscriptions and concert tickets for young audience members. Please see our order form for details.